The City of Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) is a 501(c)(3) corporation contracted with the City of Baltimore to provide economic development services. With a mission to retain and expand existing employers and attract new ones, we work collaboratively within City government, and with private partners, to deliver services that will help your business grow.

Our economic development and service expertise is applied to a broad range of activities. We are a liaison between business owners and City agencies advocating for the interests of Baltimore City employers. We work with business owners to shepherd private development projects through public processes saving time and mitigating expense. We are even developers, facilitating the reuse of publicly owned property for new and expanding businesses.

Our job is to insure that Baltimore is meeting the needs of its business community, to the greatest extent possible, every day.


The Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) and its predecessors have existed in some form since 1959. The Baltimore Development Corporation was formed in 1991 through the merger of three nonprofit organizations with different areas of service but similar economic development goals. In 1996, a private sector Board of Directors was appointed and BDC took on its current operational structure.