Rules and Regulations/Violations

neighborsIn March 2018 the Condo One Board of Directors most recently updated its Rules and Regulations.  In that document, the Board emphasized that a goal of the Board is to provide assurance to all owners that the integrity of our community and our property values will be maintained and enhanced and that all residents will be respected and allowed to live in a tranquil setting.  In order to achieve that goal, the Rules and Regulations must be understood, supported and implemented.  Please review the 2012 Rules document as well as the Condominium’s Bylaws, which provide further information on the benefits and obligations of each Unit Owner.

Complaints about an infraction of the rules or other problematic situations should be directed in writing to the property manager, Mike Grier at Village Management, who will follow up with the responsible party.   

The Board enforces violations of the Rules and Regulations through the provisions of Section 11-113 of the Maryland Condominium Act.  In the event a Unit Owner is in violation of a Rule, the Board, through its agent, Village Management, will send a notice to the Owner that describes the violation, the action required to correct the violation, and the time period allowed for the correction.  If the Owner fails to correct the violation, the Board may take the Owner to a hearing to be held by the Board.  After a hearing, the Board may impose reasonable appropriate sanctions on the Owner, which may include monetary sanctions, removal of a reserved parking spot, rescission of pool passes, etc.