Condominium Living

Homeowner Tips:

Trash Pick-up/Recycling:

Each unit has a trash enclosure that contains a plastic-bag-lined trash can, where all non-recyclable trash should be placed. A worker will retrieve the plastic bag from your trash-can every Wednesday morning, and he/she will then provide you with a new liner. Recyclables (newspapers, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum) are collected by Baltimore City every Friday morning. You should place recycling containers curbside either late Thursday or Friday morning. Please remove the containers promptly after recycling is collected.

Bulk trash is the unit owner’s responsibility. You may arrange with Baltimore City to have bulk trash removed by calling 311. Please do not place bulk trash outside of the fence or in the common areas.

Garden clippings and leaves must be disposed of properly and not dumped in the common areas or in the wooded area behind Bouton Green Court.

Parking & Vehicle Registration

Unit owners/renters must obtain C-1 parking stickers for their vehicles. No more than two C-1 parking stickers may be obtained per unit. To obtain parking stickers, fill out the Vehicle Identification Label Form.

Each unit is assigned one reserved parking space. Only a vehicle with a C-1 sticker may park in that space. Each unit may use one additional parking space, which may be selected from among the unassigned spaces within Condo One.

At this time, no guest stickers are available for overnight guests visiting a Condo One unit. Please place a note in the windshield of your guest’s vehicle to avoid ticketing or towing. Guests may not park in reserved spaces.

See additional Rules and Regulations governing parking here.

Common Areas

Limited Common Elements (LCEs) include the fenced-in area in front of each unit as well as patios/decks/yards in the rear. These areas are for the owner’s exclusive use, but owners must comply with Condo One’s Rules and Regulations in keeping these areas in good repair and free of debris.

Common Elements (CEs) include all areas that are neither LCEs nor part of individual units. These areas, including driveways, parking areas, paved pedestrian walkways, gardens and green space that are not LCEs. CEs are the property of the Association. These areas are maintained by the Board of Directors, or its designees, and owners may not make any changes to or place items in these areas.

For detailed information on LCEs and CEs, see the Condo One Bylaws as well as this diagram.


No more than two pets are allowed in each residence.

Baltimore City law and Condo One Rules and Regulations require that pets be kept on a leash at all times when walked outside.

There are two animal waste disposal plastic bag dispensers for the use of Cross Keys residents. One is located opposite Harper House on Hamlet Hill Road and the other on Cross Keys Road just above the Hamlet Hill turn-off. Waste may be deposited in the waste disposal containers also located at these points. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET!

Owners are not permitted to allow pets to use the LCE patios and decks as an animal bathroom. Pet urination and defecation is unsanitary, unsightly, and damages wood, brick and concrete. In addition, it causes odors that are very difficult to remove. Owners who are found to be using the LCE in this way may be asked to remove the animal from Condo One.

Excessive dog barking or whining, inside or outside of the unit, is a public nuisance to your neighbors and must be controlled. Baltimore City laws and Condo One Rules and Regulations prohibit unit owners from allowing their animals to disturb the peace. If an owner is unable to control his/her dog, he/she will be asked to immediately remove the dog from Condo One. Baltimore City also has authority to remove offending animals at the request of a citizen.


If a property is to be leased, it must be for a minimum of six months. Leasing of anything less than an entire unit is prohibited. Leases shall be in writing and shall contain provisions obligating the renter to observe all Rules and Regulations of Condo One and all restrictions and conditions imposed by the Master Deed and Bylaws. The Unit owner shall obtain a written acknowledgement from the tenant that he/she/they have reviewed the Rules and Regulations, Master Deed and By Laws and agree to comply with their provisions. A copy of the lease must be filed with Village Management.

Owners must advise their renter of this website. Renters may obtain parking passes as well as pool and tennis court privileges.

Master Insurance Policy

Condo One maintains a Master Insurance Policy covering the following: property insurance on the CEs and the Units of the Condominium but not upon the improvements and betterments installed in units by unit owners; and comprehensive general liability insurance covering damages arising out of the use or maintenance of the CEs. In the event the cause of damage to Condo One property originates in an Owner’s Unit, the Owner of the Unit is responsible for reimbursement of any resulting deductible up to a maximum of $10,000. On October 1, 2020 the Maryland General Assembly passed an amendment stating that the association can charge up to $10,000 of the master insurance policy deductible to the unit owner where the damage originated.  The bill also clarifies that if the oss originate in a common element or outside the unit – a storm, for example – that the association will be responsible for the deductible.

Unit owners should contact their insurance providers to address coverage needs for improvements and betterments, to protect against liability for repayment of any insurance deductible under the Master Insurance Property, as well as personal liability insurance.

For more information see April 27, 2007 Amendment to Bylaws and December 2014 Notice Regarding Property Insurance Deductible.


Unit A’s refrigerator leaks causing water damage to Unit A. The owner of Unit A has the original floor that is damaged. Unit A installed built in cabinets that were also damaged. The floor is covered with an Oriental rug that will need to be cleaned.

Result: The Master Policy will pay for all of the damages to Unit A except for the betterments and improvements. And, the owner of Unit A will be responsible for the deductible under the Master Policy, currently $5,000. (Please note that Unit A’s homeowner’s policy will probably cover part/all of the deductible). The Master Policy will pay for the original floor. It will not pay for the cabinets or the Oriental rug, since they are betterments and improvements.

Unit A’s refrigerator leaks causing damage to Unit B which is located adjacent to Unit A. Unit B has water damage to its original floor.

Result: The Master Policy will pay for the damage to Unit B. The owner of Unit A would be responsible for the deductible under the Master Policy.

Maintenance/Repair/Architectural Changes

Please find below important information regarding maintenance and repair as well as architectural changes or improvements. No exterior changes of any type may be made without written approval from the Board of Directors prior to beginning work. Anyone making changes without written approval will be entirely responsible for returning those changes to the original design. It is important that Condo One retain its overall design integrity for both aesthetic and resale reasons.

Inside the Unit

The interior of the units must be maintained in good repair.

An Owner must promptly perform all maintenance and repair work within their unit, which if omitted, would affect the general or limited comment elements. This includes regular chimney cleaning and regular inspections of heating/air conditioning units to prevent leaks.

An Owner shall not make structural modifications or alterations in his/her Unit unless he/she has previously fully informed the Board of Directors in writing, and obtained approval from the Board of Directors. Condo One may require a licensed engineer’s design sketch along with this request. Please download Architectural Change/Improvement Application here. The Application should be submitted to Village Management.

Outside the Unit

No Owner shall change the appearance of any exterior surface of any building, including his unit area, without the permission of the Board of Directors. Please download Architectural Change/Improvement Application here. The Application should be submitted to Village Management.

This includes:

  • New Windows
  • New Doors
  • Any other structural or cosmetic change.

Landscaping – Condo One will maintain the shrubs, lawns, walks outside the individual unit areas in front of each building. Gardens or landscaping within the front enclosed portion of one’s unit can be designed to the Owner’s taste. The same applies to the rear yard area, the width of which is governed by the distance between the two side fences; the depth extends from the exterior surface of the rear wall to a line equal to the length of the longest side wall. These areas must be kept in good condition, neat, free of accumulated leaves, weeds and debris and will be inspected by the Architectural Committee.

Exterior PaintingDownload here a list of approved paint colors for doors and exterior surfaces. The condo association is responsible for all exterior painting with the exception of your fence in the back yard that is lateral.  If you do need to do touch-ups the color is WILLOW MIST – SOLID STAIN.

Trash and air conditioning enclosures must be maintained and kept clean on both the inside and the outside.

Side fences (and rear fences for Building H) are maintained by the Association. Rear fences (except for Building H) are the owner’s responsibility and must be maintained and kept in good repair. An owner must have Board of Director’s permission before installing a rear fence. Clothing, bedding and linens or towels shall not be hung on exterior railings or any other exterior part of the building. Clothes lines are not permitted in LCEs.


To fulfill its responsibility for the care, upkeep and surveillance of all buildings and other facilities of the Condominium, periodically throughout the year, Board members or their designees conduct inspections of both the buildings and the grounds.  This includes the front and back patios of all units.  A checklist identifies the areas that are inspected.  If an Owner is found to be in violation of Maryland law, the Condominium by-laws or the Rules and Regulations, the Board, through its agent, Village Management, will send a written notice to the Owner describing the violation, the action needed to correct the violation, and the time period in which it must be corrected.  If the Owner fails to correct the violation, the Board may take the Owner to a hearing to be held by the Board. After a hearing, the Board may impose reasonable appropriate sanctions on the Owner, which may include monetary sanctions, removal of a reserved parking spot, rescission of pool passes, etc. The Board also has the right to correct the violation and to charge the owner for the cost of such action.

Window Washing/Pest Control

Condo One maintains a contract with a window washer and a pest control company. Exterior second floor windows are washed each spring and fall. It is the Unit Owner’s responsibility to ensure that all screen doors are unlocked so that the washers can obtain access to your windows. You will be notified on this web site of the dates the window washers are scheduled to wash windows in your building. Regular pest control services are provided in CEs only. If you have a serious problem with pests such as rodents or ants, please contact Village Management to schedule a service call.

Snow Removal

Condo One contracts with an outside contractor to provide snow removal services for Condo One residents. The contractor is responsible for clearing snow from roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and for clearing a pathway leading up to the front door of each unit. Residents must clean snow from their own vehicles. After a snow event, if you see a worker attempting to clear snow from your parking lot, please move your vehicle temporarily so that the plow may do its job. You then will be able to return your vehicle to a cleared parking spot. During major snow events we will provide updates via this website, so stay tuned.


At the end of each group of residences there is a basement area containing the hot water heater for all units in the group and individual storage areas for each unit in the group. The hot water supplied to all units from this basement area is a CE and the cost for supply/maintenance is borne by Condo One (and paid for through assessment of monthly condominium fees). Cold water does not originate from the basement area; each Unit has its own individual water main. The cost of cold water is also paid through monthly condominium fees.

Unit Owners may gain entry to the basement storage room with a key provided to each Owner upon purchase of their Unit. The individual storage areas require the owner to provide their own padlock, if the owner chooses. Any debris placed outside of an individual storage unit will be removed.


Each unit must have functioning smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide monitor. Unit owners are strongly advised least one hand-held fire extinguisher is strongly recommended. Also recommended is a fold-up ladder to be available for emergency exits from the second floor.



The Baltimore City Board of Elections has designated the following location as the voting site for Condo One residents: Western High School, 4600 Falls Road, Baltimore MD 21209.