Ownership/Elections/Board Meetings

Condo One is owned by the owners of the Units, each of whom is entitled to the number of votes indicated for his/her unit in the Condominium Master Deed. An Annual Meeting is held each year on the first Wednesday of November, unless otherwise scheduled, to elect the Board and to discuss any other issues the Board deems pertinent. Meetings are held in the clubhouse. Owners are encouraged to attend this important meeting. Only owners, either in person or by proxy, are eligible to vote for board members. Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Board sends a notice to all unit owners asking for nominations to fill the upcoming terms. Subsequently, ballots are distributed to all owners listing the candidates nominated as well as those whose term is expiring and may wish to be re-elected. Votes are counted at the meeting and the results announced.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors holds periodic meetings to conduct the regular business of the Association and owners are invited to attend. Meetings are usually held in March, June and September. Special meetings may be called as needed. The Board of Directors may hold closed meetings to discuss personnel matters, to consult with its attorney on legal matters, to consider the terms or conditions of certain business transactions, or for other exceptional or compelling reasons.

Board meetings follow standard meeting protocol. When a speaker has the floor, no one else is to speak. Minutes are taken by the Secretary. Unit owners are not permitted to speak during the Board business portion of the meeting; their comments are confined to the “Homeowners’ Comments and Concerns” portion.

Recent Minutes of the Board’s regular meetings and the Association’s Annual Meetings can be found here.