Condo One Leadership

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the business and other affairs of the Condominium. This includes maintaining the community’s common areas, hiring and supervising contractors for common area maintenance, maintaining hazard and liability insurance coverage on the Association’s common areas, approving Condo One’s annual budget and overseeing the Association’s finances, setting Condominium fees and any special assessments, and enforcing any liens to ensure payments due to the Condominium. In addition, the Board will enforce the Rules and Regulations and Architectural guidelines in order to ensure the smooth operation of the community.

You may obtain the Board’s financial documents by contacting Village Management.

The Board members look forward to continuing to serve our community. Most needs of residents are met by contacting Village Management. You may contact Village Management here.

The 2020-2021 Board of Directors, who serve three year staggered terms, are:

  • Sarah Taylor – President
  • Marjie Goodman – Vice President & Communications
  • Gail Mandell – Treasurer & Legal Committee
  • Deborah Saunders – Social Committee
  • Maria Ymayo – Secretary
  • Judi & Brian Devlin

Committee Chairs

  • Landscape Committee Chairmen: Sally Wingo & Rod Petrick
  • Architectural Committee Chairman: John Braun
  • Community Outreach: Deborah Saunders & Peg Mckibbin


Committees are made up of Unit Owners that volunteer their time to help improve the community and help the Board of Directors with projects and ideas, gathering key decision-making information, and planning events and initiatives. Membership on most committees takes about an hour or two per month (with some exceptions). Chairpersons may spend about 2-3 hours per month organizing and working with their committee.

If you would like to get involved in one of our committees, or if you would like to start a new committee, please contact the committee chairperson or a Board member and they will help you determine how you can get involved. Remember, everything you see going on in our neighborhood, or that you wish would go on in our neighborhood, begins with volunteers lending a little of their time to improve our community. Get involved. Lend your talents and ideas to make Cross Keys Condo One an even better place to live!


Architectural Committee

  • Review requests for structural changes
  • Bi-annual walk around with property manager to ensure compliance with rules and regulations
  • Address issues with changes to topography affecting water run-off
  • Develop long term plan for capitol improvements
  • Work with property manager on building issues, i.e. fence repair and painting, repairs to LCA and CA
  • Develop building H deck repair/wash schedule
  • Work on parking issues
  • Work on common area maintenance issues, i.e. water heaters, trash, curbs, sidewalks, masonry walls

Landscape Committee

  • Oversee landscape installation and maintenance
  • Liaison with landscape vendor
  • Evaluate performance of vendors
  • Develop long term plan for property

Website Committee

  • Develop new website
  • Work with website vendor on updates / changes / budget issues
  • Ensure that website is updated regularly and functioning properly
  • Work with property manager to ensure that all residents have access
  • Work with property manager on blast communications

Legal Committee

  • Work with attorney and board to revise/amend/draft rules and regulations
  • Work with attorney and board to revise/amend/draft bylaws
  • Work with attorney on grid of responsibilities
  • Work with attorney on meeting management
  • Conduct disciplinary hearings
  • Work with owner/CKMC
  • Work with other Cross Keys boards on common issues
  • Review contracts
  • Review any lawsuits filed against association
  • Review insurance renewals with property manager