Tennis Courts

Court 1 is at the Village Clubhouse; Court 2 and Court 3 are together; Court 2 on the Hamill Court side and Court 3 is on the Tennis Barn side

These courts are available to unit owners and tenants and only require making a reservation by calling the Gatehouse at 410-435-2211. Courts are available in half hour segments. No permanent weekly reservations are permitted.

If a resident has booked a court and finds a non- resident or unreserved player on it, they are entitled to ask that person to leave.

All players are expected to take with them their water bottles and any trash they have generated such as ball cans, metal tabs, plastic tops.

The building known as the Tennis Barn has been sold and is now known as the Coppermine Field House. It is a youth facility. They no longer have indoor tennis courts. They do have summer camp programs for youths that include soccer, lacrosse and other indoor sports activities.