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Welcome to Condo One, part of the unique urban living experience that is The Village of Cross Keys. Conceived and first developed in the 1960s by James Rouse, The Village of Cross Keys has a mixture of housing – townhomes, a high rise, detached houses, apartments — as well as a retail center, restaurants, a hotel, office buildings, tennis courts and swimming pools.

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eatingThe Village of Cross Keys derived its name from what was a mainly African-American community, called Cross Keys Village, that occupied the land at the corner of Falls Road and Cold Spring Lane. Most of it was torn down, around the same time The Village of Cross Keys was developed, to build the Poly-Western High School complex and the various commercial developments along Falls Road just south of Cross Keys as well as to gain access to the Jones Falls Expressway. The few single-family style houses still extant are its remnants. Read more…

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